Bakes By B is a premiere catering company/brand

Bakes By B began in April of 2010

   My daughters along with their cousin had a sleepover at my home. In the morning, I allowed the girls to go outside and play. While checking up on them, I noticed the girls were going door to door with a tin can in tow. I called the girls back to the house to inquire as to what they were doing; they told me that they were selling "sun tan" lotion. The girls earned $7.00 selling the concoction. Lol. I told them that I will add money to what they earned, bakes some cakes and they can have a bake sale the next day. On April 3rd 2010 was the first bake sale. It was such a success!!

   I began to have bakes sales bi-weekly. My cakes gained so much notoriety around the neighborhood that I begin getting knocks on my door to request a cake. That's when I knew that I (with the influence of the girls) had created something big....And Bakes By B was born.